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Go from beginner in training to app ninja pro in 48 minutes or less!


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  • Everything you need to succeed with your first app

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The Top 33 App Ninja Tricks!

Learn to think like a Fortune 500, but without spending a fortune.

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#1 App Builder Platform

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We have a 100% success rate getting auto repair shops in the app store with their own app!

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Official magazine of the Automotive Service association

ASA National announces new mobile app benefit for its member-shops

Version 7.4 is Here!

How to find $100,000 in lost revenue with a FREE upgrade

Get the inside scoop on how to find $100,000 in lost revenue that's been there in hiding all along... ~just like a Fortune 500!

AfterMarket Matters

We inform — You perform

ASA National has worked in recent weeks to ensure its members have such a benefit. Member-shops that worked with MobileSoft previously will be able to continue with AppFueled.

Collison Week

New Mobile App Benefit for Members

Member-shops that worked with MobileSoft previously will be able to continue with AppFueled.

AfterMarket Matters

AppFueled releases new version of app for shop owners

Nampa, Idaho—AppFueled, an app and software developer for auto repair shop professionals, has launched a new version of its app. “This is the boldest step forward yet for shops that want their own custom mobile app,” said Jeremy Glassco, CEO. “This is exactly what was needed for those of us that want to fuel our vehicle care and maintenance with an app.”

About AppFueled™

AppFueled™ creates software as a subscription (SAAS) exclusively for auto repair shop professionals nationwide. Their innovative “app builder” platform and development team of app ninjas craft custom-branded mobile apps launched at a 100% success rate in the iTunes® app store, and Google Play® store. In addition, their platform maintains tier 1 integration with R.O.Writer™, Mitchell1™, NapaTracs™, Protractor™, TekMetric™, ShopWare™ and most other leading shop management software leaders.  Ask about yours!


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Delivering results one shop at a time!

Jeremy Glassco

Founder, CEO and 'The Original Mobile App Ninja'

Think like a fortune 500, but without spending a fortune!

– Jeremy Glassco

Think like a fortune 500, but without spending a fortune!

– Jeremy Glassco

Award winning speaker, published author, worldwide app technology innovator, big brand customer engagement expert, CEO and founder of AppFueled™, best known for turning what was a simple light bulb moment back in 2008 into an untapped marketing system; proven to skyrocket profits, accelerate car count, and boost retention for auto repair professionals.   

He’s mastered the latest in mobile tech branding strategies that Fortune 500’s® spend millions of dollars on, but seamlessly crafted them into a revolutionary turn-key customer engagement ladder system any independent auto repair shop owner can do within 30 days, but ALL on a small business budget.

Not surprisingly, over the last 10 years, the one-of-a-kind groundbreaking ideas found in his proven 5 step marketing guide have led to staggering results nationwide. In fact, service centers and service counters across the country have deployed his refreshingly bold yet simple tactics to impact over 500,000 in repeat customer visits to service bays, all to the tune of an estimated $100 MILLION in repair revenue.

Integration is a KEY to our success!

A mobile app without integration is much less effective and just won't reach the same heights of consumer engagement.    Don't worry if you're not seeing your shop management software vendor in this list.  AppFueled™ plays nice with most software just ask us. 

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