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aka The Original Mobile App Ninja

Award winning speaker, published author, worldwide app technology innovator, big brand customer engagement expert, CEO and founder of AppFueled™, best known for turning what was a simple light bulb moment back in 2008 into an untapped marketing system; proven to skyrocket profits, accelerate car count, and boost retention for auto repair professionals.
He’s mastered the latest in mobile tech branding strategies that Fortune 500’s® spend millions of dollars on, but seamlessly crafted them into a revolutionary turn-key customer engagement ladder system any independent auto repair shop owner can do within 30 days, but ALL on a small business budget.
Not surprisingly, over the last 10 years, the one-of-a-kind groundbreaking ideas found in his proven 5 step marketing guide have led to staggering results nationwide. In fact, service centers and service counters across the country have deployed his refreshingly bold yet simple tactics to impact over 500,000 in repeat customer visits to service bays, all to the tune of an estimated $100 MILLION in repair revenue.

“Jeremy’s over 15 years of experience impacting over 500,000 in repeat car count—all to the tune of an estimated $100 MILLION in revenue put into five practical and simple tips—will help any auto repair professional who is serious about accelerating car count find $100,000* in lost revenue that’s been hiding there all along”

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“If I wouldn’t have followed at least a couple of Jeremy’s 5 steps I would have missed out on $40,000 in extra revenue that had been there in hiding all along, and I would not have seen my retention increase to 92% for customers I was able to entice to climb a rung or two on my engagement ladder. Yeah, Jeremy’s ideas may at first seem a little overwhelming, but with his over 15 years of industry experience, he is able to present them in a way that is not so confusing and not too complex so I could get started right away... Really, anybody can follow these 5 steps to skyrocket their retention and find extra revenue just like I did!”

— JOE BORGSTROM, Independent Repair Shop Owner in Billings, MT
“Thanks goodness I listened to the refreshingly simple advice Jeremy gave us in this guide or our customer’s retention frequency would have flatlined at around 2 visits per year, but since putting just a couple of these ideas into practice... For customers that engage with us and climb the ”loyalty” ladder we see a tremendous boost in retention and customer frequency, with an engaged customer now visiting us at a “return again” rate of over 90% and visiting us not 2 times, but almost 3 times per year… This ability to see our customers for one extra visit a year is so important to our bottom line, without this extra visit we’d be missing out on $400 on every customer. Now that we know this and with the help of these turn-key ideas we can’t wait to get all our customers to climb the ladder!”

— LAURALEE SCHMIDT, Repair Shop Marketing VP in Springboro, OH
“Here’s the bottom line. If I wouldn’t have listened to what Jeremy said and ignored his marketing system, I would have missed out on $30,000 extra revenue and my RO average would still be stuck in the low $200s... Honestly, I haven’t even tried all 5 steps yet, but each one is so powerful in building my brand that I’ve seen car count accelerate and my R.O. average climb to almost $500 for customers that engage with my digital brand... If only I would get every customer to download my shop’s app and engaged in my rewards program, we would already be blowing the roof off this place!”

— RON PHILLIPS, Auto Repair Shop Owner in Killeen, TX
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